Globally Accessible Accounting and Inventory Control Software
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The transaction module has interface for carrying out the various types of transactions like making invoices, entry of purchase bills, Vouchers and sales / purchase return transactions. Also this module has provision for recording the quotations. Apart form sales invoices, sales orders are entered in this module and also delivery notes can be created from this module.


These transaction once saved can be reviewed, edited or deleted from the transaction book. A transaction can be printed by clicking the print link on the transaction book. 

A transaction once saved initiates a data flow across various modules to post the ledger and inventory. Once the transaction is saved the party or sales account and the product stock is up to date. All this processing is automatic and the user is not prompted for any response.


Transaction module is one of the module in this Globally Accessible Accounting and Inventory Control Software. The other modules of the application are also accessible from member home. Following is the list of modules accessible in the web based accounting and inventory control application :

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