Globally Accessible Accounting and Inventory Control Software
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Reports (Sales)

Reports (Sales) contains various MIS reports for management of sales related activities.


Sales Module produces various reports like Area wise / Product wise Sales, Sales Books, Sales Return and Other Transactions Book, Customer wise outstanding, Outstanding Invoices Ageing Analysis, Customer wise product wise sales, Product wise customer wise sales, Area wise Free Claim Report, Area wise Expiry Breakage Receipt Report etc. All the reports containing comprehensive information can be printed. Some reports as applicable are accompanied by colored graphs where the graph type can be selected from one of many types.

Customer Outstanding
Customer Aged Balances
Customer Call Chart
MW Customer Sales
Company Wise Sales
MW Company Sales
MW Sales Summary
Area Product Sales
Customer Special Prices List
Sales Order Execution

Other MIS reports for management of inventory, purchase and accounts can be seen in other report modules.


Reports (Sales) module is one of the module in this Globally Accessible Accounting and Inventory Control Software. The other modules of the application are also accessible from member home. Following is the list of modules accessible in the web based accounting and inventory control application :

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