Globally Accessible Accounting and Inventory Control Software
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Payroll module contains employee record, attendance and over time register, salary statement and pay slips etc for the management of employees in the organization.


Employee module receives and process information about the employees. It has all the information about Employees. The records of attendance, over time, work and leave summary, both day wise and time wise can be seen. All details of loans and advances, monthly ESI / EPF payments can be obtained. ESI reports, EPF reports and Pay slips can also be prepared.

The various other command available from this module are given below.

Employee Record
Employee List
Mark Weekly Off / Holiday
Mark Attendance / Overtime
Attendance Summary
Attendance Register
Over Time Register
Salary Statement
Pay Slips
Month Wise Report

Employee Record is the database of information about the employee. Apart from the name, address, qualification, etc., it contains all information about the the employee required for processing of the pay slips, etc. 


Payroll module is one of the module in this Globally Accessible Accounting and Inventory Control Software. The other modules of the application are also accessible from member home. Following is the list of modules accessible in the web based accounting and inventory control application :

TXN Books
Reports (Sales)
Reports (Pur.)
Reports (Inv.)
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Reports (Fin.)
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