Globally Accessible Accounting and Inventory Control Software
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Parties module mainly deals with customers, suppliers and sales representatives. The parties you deal with on regular basis should be included in the party record.


Parties module has command for adding, editing and listing records of customers, suppliers and sales representatives. List are provided where you can select a party record for delete or edit operation. Following commands are available from parties module:

Customer Record
Customer List
Supplier Record
Supplier List
Sales Reps.
Sales Reps. List


The accounts heads for the party created are created in the account head setup in the accounts module automatically when you create a party in the parties module. Subsequent these names shall be available for selection in customer list or supplier list in the invoice or purchase bill entry as applicable. You you need to change this information you should modify the party record.


Parties module is one of the module in this Globally Accessible Accounting and Inventory Control Software. The other modules of the application are also accessible from member home. Following is the list of modules accessible in the web based accounting and inventory control application :

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TXN Books
Reports (Sales)
Reports (Pur.)
Reports (Inv.)
Reports (Fin.)
Initial Settings
Menu Profiles
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