Globally Accessible Accounting and Inventory Control Software
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Account module contain the main reporting functionality of the accounting part of the application. Apart from the basic books of accounts like cash book, ledger, trial balance and journal (list of vouchers) account module also contains the list of account heads, structure of control accounts etc. 


Accounts module is the central module of the program which receives data from all other modules to give you the final reports about your business at the touch of a button. The whole process of keeping the accounts is highly simplified for the user. All updations in accounts are made automatically. The sales, purchase, returns and other transactions are entered in the account once invoices / memos are made. The changes in vouchers, bills, memos can be made any time and the changes are made in account books automatically. All the entries in ledger can be reposted in the ledger after deleting the ledger, if the need ever arises.

Customer and supplier account heads are set up automatically when the first transaction is made. Other account heads can be created separately under one of the following categories : Asset, Liability, Income, Expenditure. Account heads can be grouped together using control accounts. 

The module produces Cash Book, Bank Book, Journal, Ledger, Trial Balance, Trading and Profit & Loss account and Balance Sheet. The closing of financial year automatically carry forward all the balances along with the profit and loss. The account heads, customer, products and supplier information is also carried forward to new year automatically. All data of previous year remains intact. You can review the sales, purchase or any other information of previous year even after closing the year. 

The reports relevant to accounts module are included in in Reports (Finance) module The following command are available from the Accounts module:

Account List
Chart Of Account
Cash Book
Bank Book
General Ledger
Current Balances
Trial Balance
Summary TB
Control A/C TB
Bill Wise Sales Purchase Vouchers
Multi Column Cash/Bank Book
Day Account Balance
Periodic A/C Movement
Control A/C Balances

The various pages of accounts module and other modules like transactions, reporting etc. may be restricted for sub users. In other words you can define sub users for your accounts and then define their menu access rights. In this way you can restrict the access of sub users of your web application account from viewing sensitive financial and other information of the company.

The voucher entry system is very efficient where all types of voucher can be entered from one single entry form. Narrations are included automatically if payment against purchase or receipt against sales is made along with the Amt, Nos. of invoices. Also any numbers of narrations can be set up separately. 


Accounts module is one of the module in this Globally Accessible Accounting and Inventory Control Software. The other modules of the application are also accessible from member home. Following is the list of modules accessible in the web based accounting and inventory control application :

TXN Books
Reports (Sales)
Reports (Pur.)
Reports (Inv.)
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Reports (Fin.)
Initial Settings
Menu Profiles
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