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Customer Aged Balances (Module: Reports (Sales))

Report on aging of unpaid or outstanding invoices for customers. Customer Aged Balance is the total amount of credit invoices which are past of the due date and are still unpaid as on the current computer date. It displays code, name of the customers, details of invoices, recovery amount for that invoice, if any and net to pay for each invoice. The various options for ageing analysis can be done for 30 to 60 days.

In Customer Aged Balances following columns are displayed: Customer Name, Invoice #, Inv. Date/Due Date, Not Due $, 1-7 Days $, 8-15 Days $, 16-30 Days $, 31-60 Days $, Above 60 Days $, Total Bal. $. A Printer friendly version of the report suitable for printing can also be viewed by clicking the link.
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